The State we are in #1


Okay…….political rant??? I’ll try…

Ah yes…State budget will most likely pass on our Assembleia with the agreement of the biggest opposition party and the Gov. party.

Never did the political class in Portugal had a low point has this one today. All because of Socrates (i think the REAL Greek Socrates is screaming from his grave…”Why does that incompetent has my name??? He’s totally killing my rep….”

Socrates is “the” professional politician…a center – right winger controlling a socialist party. A guy that had his college degree on a SUNDAY! Yeah….you get the picture.

The results of his spell at the destinies of Portugal finally coming to show. The first reaction of denying the crisis…saying Portugal was safe from it….Then he admitted we were in crisis….After awhile he declared the crisis was over….And while he was “dancing” tango with us our crisis finally comes, and it will hurt bad.

The problem with Portugal…is structural too…We have a fat government…like….real fat…..morbidly obese. Public state institutions, partnerships between state and private companies (meaning state pays…….and get the return of the investment ..who knows…on the next century?), too much state given grants (Portuguese, unfortunately, is grant – dependent).

The result of the lack structural reforms are coming: a 8, 9, 10 % deficit (who knows really?), 10,6 % of unemployment and a stagnant economy.

In the old days we could devalue our currency and fix this rather easily…well, not anymore, we have the Euro…its the European Central Bank that defines Euro value towards the US Dollar. But you would think they would remember this. Nah…too busy with elections.

And to make matters worse….this 2nd generation of post-25th April politicians…are so bellicose…so tactical…only with elections on mind, that don’t have the guts to carry on the changes the country needs.

And now we have a killer budget….taxes raises….grants over….but in a very aggressive manner, because we were too slow and too stupid. And yet, Socrates, with the country “burning” around him still wants to build that stupid TGV railroad…for crying out loud!!!!!!! And we only have an expenditure cut budget because German Chancellor Angela Merkel screamed at him over the phone to stop jerking around and fix it.

Alas…thats the State we are in.

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New Ozimal Bunny #1 – Cant



Ozimal Bunny with the new Honey eyes!

Owner: Aldbaran Galicia
Male Age: 1
Gens Left: 15*
Happy: 74%
Hunger: 0% L2
Thirst: 1% L2
Love: 0%
Energy: 76%
Fur: Silver Marten Chocolate
Eyes: Honey
Ears: Upright
Shade: Classic


My first new trait bunny….well it is not a trait exactly, but this honey eye looks good on a Silver Marten Chocolate.

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Pre Halloween date with Angie

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Ah yes, another good evening spent.

Good Old Halloween, not a tradition in my country but thanks to the global world (and perhaps the various Simpson’s Tree house of Horrors episodes already aired in Portugal) it became even here, on this tiny weeny country, a celebrating day…at leasts at clubs, hosting various Halloween Themed parties.

This last Saturday was a cold one and pouring cats and dog (literally), so nothing better than cozy home sweet home.

Even though lately has been hard for me and Angie get together, we managed to put our costumes and just go dance….what else?….80’s songs and one hit wonders πŸ˜‰

I was dressed as the Wolfie of Tex Avery cartoons, an old mask i have that unfortunately with the new changes brought upon Second Life lately, does not look the same anymore.

Of course Angie…called my cards with a…mmm….really scantly-clad Red Ridding Hood! (WOLF HOWL!)

Ahem…..Well….i ended up during the night….changing up my costume to my Hakama suit…but the reason why?? …It’s not of anyone’s business πŸ™‚


So Portugal has two days where we can dress up in costumes: Carnaval (around february and the official one) and US Halloween (unofficial but like the good consumer monkeys we are..we are slowly adopting it). How many countries can say that they have two days where they can “dress up”??

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Testing ScribeFire for Firefox

It’s hard for me to blog through WordPress website at work because my Display at work is really small and doesnt allow me to proper view it , let alone post a blog….


So this is really just a test…


Seems intuitive and easy to use…..Now if i want to post  a picture here….


Amish Kitten disaproves my blogging skillz


Ok…..Amish Kitten….yeah…LULZ… *sarcasm*


Now that pictures are under way…lets test size and COLOR/COLOUR

Hmm not bad…. πŸ™‚

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Still Under Construction

I really don’t know what i am doing…

Why have i decided to start a blog?

Maybe i wantΒ  to look cool…Maybe i have something important to say to “whom it may concern”

…Comedy isn’t really my thing…i am not fun, well i do have my moments but i am not that funny.

And i hate “drafts”. Most my posts will be written without revising.

Besides, i’ll most likely give up after 2 posts…I am just that “quitter”

So without more delay…let the “writting” begin”

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